bashmenot is a library of GNU bash functions, used by Halcyon and Haskell on Heroku.


Please report any problems with bashmenot on the issue tracker. There is a separate issue tracker for problems with the documentation.


$ source bashmenot/

bashmenot can be installed by cloning the bashmenot source repository:

$ git clone



bashmenot is written in GNU bash, and requires:

  • GNU date — for date formatting
  • GNU sort — for sorting
  • curl — for remote storage
  • OpenSSL — for hashing and Amazon S3 storage
  • git — for self-updates


My name is Miëtek Bak. I make software, and bashmenot is one of my projects.

This work is published under the MIT X11 license, and supported by my company, Least Fixed.

Like my work? I am available for consulting. Say hello, or follow @mietek.


Thanks to Kenneth Reitz for building httpbin.

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